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FYRLYT Luxsis 5000

The LUXSIS 5000 whilst the most affordable in the FYRLYT range is in no way a 'second choice'. The construction is exactly the same as the NEMESIS 9000 with the only major difference being the bulb and step up convertors.
‚ÄčThe true 5000 lumen output with 100 CRI STILL outperforms many lights costing twice the money and when you factor in their lifetime rebuildability it is little wonder that the 'thinking' enthusiast should consider these. Remember no discernable delayed HID type startup to full power or excessive glare or light back scattering (TYNDALL EFFECT) common with 5000K or greater LEDs & HIDs. Look past misinformation and media misinformation and LUXSIS 5000 is a winner!

FYRLYT Nemesis 9000

A driving light delivering performance like no other on the planet. A WALL of quality light, no gimmicks and no compromise.
The 250W 9000 lumen bulb, unique reflector and optics delivers a superior volume and distance combination exceeding LED or 70/90/100W HID. Nemesis blows these away and NO delayed start up times (HID) or excessive glare or light back scattering (TYNDALL EFFECT) common with 5000K or greater LEDs & HIDs. 
To see how NEMESIS delivers its legendary performance watch the video from Jamie Benaud below as he installs them on his Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser.

FYRLYT is a world first in driving light design. Every component is available and user serviceable for a lifetime of as new performance. No other brand offers this. Less glare and greater detail to make your driving safer. See what LED is commonly missing! This is why Halogen excels in this crucial criteria. No typical salesperson or brand knows or will want to admit this.   These spectrograph diagrams illustrate how colour detail is missing typically in LED light sources most commonly used in driving lights. A few very specific architectural and photographic / video LED lights exhibit very good colour rendering but they are not what is relevant in this discussion as technology stands in 2018. Quite simply if the colour is missing you will not see it and this is very problematic in the warmer part of the spectrum as it is typically what animals and relevant environments exist within.

FYRLYT's designers can explain this in even greater detail if you are curious in how it applies to choosing driving lights for your vehicle. Ask most other brands and they will often talk about daylight or obviscate with 1 lux at 'X' metres measured in a 'LAB' via extrapolation, never actually measured in real world conditions. Listen out for these sales type responses and beware! Whether willful or ignorant the end result is misinformation that does not serve the enthusiast well.