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Off road driving demands for strong, reliable recovery points to cope with a huge variety of recovery situations.
Roadsafe tow points undergo considerable research and development.  The new Roadsafe GU4 point was designed based on the actual vehicle.  
Roadsafe 4wd recommend fitting tow / recovery points as a matched pair, bolted to the chassis and used in conjunction with each other in all recovery situations with use of an equalising strap (bridle).
An equalising bridle is designed to evenly distribute the load on the vehicle during the recovery operation when connected to two recovery tow points.
The Roadsafe equalising bridles are 2.5m x 6000kg minimum breaking strength, with a moveable protective sleeve in the middle and black reinforcing eyelet protectors.
Most Roadsafe tow / recovery points have been designed for use with a 4.7t bow shackle.